Special ‘stimulus’ fund for ‘Militant’ over $80,000!

By John Studer
March 15, 2021

The Militant’s special “stimulus” appeal has gone over $80,000!  So far 187 readers have contributed $80,351.

The contributions have made a tremendous difference!

Donations are winding down as the government reports all “stimulus” checks, for this round, have been sent out. Next week we will publish a roundup article on the special appeal.

The paper is financed and gets around solely though the efforts of our readers, to ensure it speaks in the interests of the working class. This week a prisoner at the Lawrence Correctional Center in Illinois wrote, “Once we get off of this pandemic lockdown, I’ll be sharing the Militant  with my friends throughout this gulag.” The note came with his $3 contribution.

No other paper tells the truth about politics — that every question pits the class interests of working people against the profit-driven interests of the ruling capitalist families. That’s why all efforts of workers to come together to fight boss attacks on our jobs, wages, health, working conditions and our rights are crucial. And that’s why the Militant  prioritizes getting out their stories and building solidarity with labor and social actions.

The Militant’s coverage of these struggles, of the Socialist Workers Party 2021 election campaign, its in-depth features on the history and hard-earned lessons of earlier class-struggle battles, are so important. The paper helps advance a course forward toward political organization of the working class, in our own party, a labor party, on the road toward taking power and ending the dictatorship of capital and its brutal consequences.

Please send your contribution to the Militant, 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018, or donate online at themilitant.com.