SWP special ‘stimulus’ capital appeal off to strong start

By Brian Williams
April 5, 2021

The Socialist Workers Party special “stimulus” capital appeal, for the long-term work of the party, is off to a strong start.

Within a week of the government sending out the first of the most recent “stimulus” payments the fund total is $24,700 given by 20 contributors from around the country, and growing! Many of the notes sent by contributors are brief, but to the point. “My check is in the mail. Onward!” writes Lisa Potash from Atlanta. From Southern California, Pat Nixon writes, “Enclosed is my check toward the working class ending capitalist exploitation and opening a new stage in human history.”

From New York, Matilde Zimmermann and Arnold Weissberg write, “Thank you for giving us a third opportunity to put our ‘stimulus’ payouts to work building the revolutionary movement.” From Pat Travis in North Carolina: “Enclosed is my contribution toward the ‘stimulus’ capital fund.”

The results of the first week are a good sign!

The contributions go toward augmenting capital, toward long-term plans. The fund will make a big difference in the ability of the SWP to present its program and expand its reach with other fighters on a line of march of the working class to power in the U.S., to join with the toilers of the world to end exploitation and rebuild society based on human solidarity.

You can send your check, made out to the Socialist Workers Party, to the SWP, 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018. The Militant  will feature weekly coverage on the progress of the appeal.