SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal at $98,700 and growing!

By Brian Williams
April 19, 2021

Contributors to the Socialist Workers Party “stimulus” appeal from the $1,400 U.S. government payments are setting the appeal on course toward $120,000! As we go to press $98,700 has been donated by 77 individuals.

From Pittsburgh, Tony Lane wrote with his contribution, “Hope there are a lot more checks coming.” He captures the spirit!

Contributions are coming every day from around the country. The following are a small sample of the many notes and letters that have been sent.

From Louisville, Kentucky, Jacquie Henderson writes, “Happy to be able to give it over to the party.” From Josefina Otero in Los Angeles: “Here is my contribution!” And from Laura Anderson in Albany, New York: “So many openings are there waiting for the working class to take them.”

“A stimulus for communism. Bravo!” Joe Swanson, SWP candidate for City Council in Lincoln, Nebraska, writes with a contribution to the appeal from himself and Marie Swanson.

These contributions are making a tremendous difference toward expanding the ability of the party to bring its program to many thousands of workers and exploited toilers, and join with other fighters in labor and social struggles. To build on a course toward the working class taking political power in the U.S. and to join with toilers worldwide to end social relations based on exploitation — class vs. class — and build a socialist society based on human solidarity.

Send your contribution! To contribute, make out your check to the Socialist Workers Party and send it to SWP, 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018. The Militant will report weekly on the progress of the appeal.