Workers give bosses’ ‘blood money’ bribes to build SWP

By Roy Landersen
June 28, 2021

As bosses everywhere try to boost their competitive edge and profits at the expense of workers, they sometimes feel compelled to hand out some bribes, hoping to buy workers’ acquiescence. Socialist Workers Party members call this “blood money” — production, attendance, safety, holiday and other “bonuses” that bosses offer as they try to get workers to accept speedup, low pay and unsafe conditions. Turning these attempted bribes into contributions to the SWP helps build a working-class movement that can fight these attacks.

“We sent six checks from here, blood money from Walmart in their quarterly attempt to bribe us to accept without protest the worsening conditions being imposed on workers,” Jacquie Henderson wrote June 9 from Louisville, Kentucky. “The wide range of sums received, even among us six, is part of their system of enticement and punishment, as they to try to increase competition and undermine solidarity.”

“Enclosed is a check for $248, the amount, after taxes, of a ‘MyShare’ bonus I recently got from Walmart,” wrote Chuck Guerra from Miami June 4. “It turns out that only some employees, not including me, got the raise the company promised.”

The bosses “think throwing a little money our way will ease the pain of getting a smaller weekly paycheck,” Guerra said. “I would rather see that money go to strengthening a party that encourages workers to organize into a union so we can fight collectively for higher wages and regular work hours across the board.”

Also from Miami, Anthony Dutrow sent a check for $393.43. Dutrow wrote that in the past six months Walmart bosses have intensified work for cashiers. “No breaks, or breaks so late they tack it onto lunch. And it’s no better for the customers, often standing more than an hour in endless lines stretching back through the store. Walmart bosses make it tough for workers on both sides of the register,” he said.

You too can make the best use of any bribe from the bosses by donating it to the Socialist Workers Party at 306 W. 37th St., 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018.