25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

July 12, 2021

July 22, 1996

CHICAGO — “Glad to see you here. These are great books. We’ve been carrying Pathfinder books in my store for some time and now the other stores in the chain have started ordering them,” said a book buyer for a bookstore in Washington, D.C., as she stopped by the Pathfinder booth at the American Booksellers Association convention June 15-17.

She was one of several hundred people who stopped by the booth at the three-day trade show, the largest in the United States. Those visiting the booth included booksellers, librarians, and publishers from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Russia, as well as from Europe and Africa.

The booth displayed the majority of Pathfinder’s titles in front of three big displays on the Russian revolution, U.S. and world politics, and the Cuban revolution.

July 16, 1971

NEW YORK CITY — Pvt. Ed Jurenas, the antiwar and socialist GI who had court-martial charges preferred against him at Ft. Greely, Alaska, for his role in publishing an antiwar newspaper, the Arctic Arsenal, was a keynote speaker at the rally that kicked off the July 2-4 National Antiwar Convention at Hunter College here.

The efforts by the brass to stifle the expression of antiwar sentiment have had a boomerang effect, according to Jurenas. In the course of building a campaign to defend their right to publish the Arsenal, he and the other GIs who worked on the first issue have drawn more GIs into antiwar activity.

A Ft. Greely GIs United Against the War has been formed. “The strongest reaction against what the brass is trying to do,” Jurenas said, “has been among the GIs who have been to Vietnam. They are the most outspoken against the war.”

July 13, 1946

Reports from the South, both from union and capitalist press sources, indicate that the CIO’s million-dollar “Operation Dixie” to organize the exploited Southern workers is making slow but sure gains. Eleven elections had already been won in lumber, steel and textiles, at plants throughout the Southern area, which includes 12 states from Virginia to Florida and west to Texas. Petitions for union representation elections have tripled since December.

The great strike wave and wage victories of the CIO last winter and spring has given a powerful impetus to the organization of Southern workers. Birmingham and Atlanta steel workers, organized solidly, participated in the strikes.

Organization of the Southern workers, Negro and white, will lead to a veritable revolution in the backward social, economic and political relationships in the South.