Come to the Int’l Active Workers Conference in Ohio!

By Roy Landersen
July 12, 2021

The 2021 Active Workers Conference sponsored by the Socialist Workers Party July 22-24 is a unique opportunity to spend three intensive days with fellow working-class fighters discussing the road forward today.

The gathering, to be held at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, will build on the way the party turned outwards to working people in the face of government lockdowns and travel restrictions during the pandemic. To ensure a safe, relaxed environment, organizers are asking all those who want to attend to make sure they’re fully vaccinated against COVID.

A centerpiece of the conference will be talks by Socialist Workers Party leaders Jack Barnes, Dave Prince and Mary-Alice Waters on world politics and key questions facing working people today. There will also be classes on lessons from the history of the labor and communist movement, including the class-struggle road to Black liberation, the fight for the unconditional recognition of Israel and against Jew-hatred, and the example that working people in Cuba set six decades ago and continue to set today in carrying out their socialist revolution and reaching out with solidarity worldwide.

A panel on plans to step up campaigning for the national slate of SWP candidates and of Communist Leagues elsewhere will conclude the conference. The schedule includes plenty of time for informal discussion on the themes of the conference and evening social events.

SWP supporters will meet the day after the conference to discuss their efforts to advance production of Pathfinder literature and raise funds for the party’s work.

The gathering takes place as more workers are back to work with government restrictions being lifted and job opportunities expanding. Some important strikes and union-organizing drives have broken out across North America, showing that more workers are looking for a way to resist attacks by the bosses. Out of the conference, volunteer teams will be organized to fan out around the country to introduce the party’s campaign in cities and towns and to bring solidarity to striking workers.

If you are interested in helping to build a revolutionary working-class party and would like to discuss attending the conference, contact the SWP or Communist League branch nearest you.