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October 25, 2021

Statement by Joanne Kuniansky, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New Jersey governor, Oct. 13.

In the three weeks left before the 2021 elections, Socialist Workers Party candidates will present a program for the working class to defend our interests and build solidarity for labor and social battles taking place today.

The bosses say “we” have to come together to defend them against competitors, that our jobs depend on their raking in profits. But today’s growing number of strikes put the lie to this claim. Winning solidarity is crucial to their outcome and to strengthen our class, as the bosses and their government drive to put the crisis of their declining system on our backs.

Only the working class is capable of ending the root cause of the problems we confront — the dog-eat-dog capitalist system, built on exploitation and oppression.

We need to strengthen our unions, and use them. To break with the capitalist parties, the Democrats and Republicans. Through our struggles we can build our own party, a labor party, led by the most far-seeing class-struggle fighters, and take political power into our own hands. Join the SWP campaign to gather the forces to make the coming American socialist revolution.

2021 Socialist Workers Party candidates
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