Join in expanding reach of the ‘Militant’!

February 28, 2022

The Militant’s successful subscription renewal campaign expanded the paper’s long-term readership and drew a new levy of readers to join in common work with members of the Socialist Workers Party.

Next up is a spring circulation drive in coming weeks to win hundreds of new readers, expand the circulation of books by revolutionary leaders, and raise well over $100,000 to finance the work of the paper.

Getting the Militant out in cities, towns and rural areas is an integral part of the mass work carried out by members of the SWP as they join together with fellow workers to strengthen our class. It goes hand in hand with standing up to boss attacks on wages and working conditions, joining strike picket lines and building solidarity, as well as advancing protests in the interests of working people worldwide, such as actions demanding “Moscow hands off Ukraine!”

The paper spreads the word about oil workers fighting for a new contract at Marathon and is remembered by some for its coverage of their 2015 strike.

It’s a tribune of all the exploited and oppressed, speaking out against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act to try to crush protests by truckers and others. And against his vicious condemnation of working people who stand up to the dictates of the capitalist rulers.

It features articles that unravel the history of previous revolutionary struggles, to draw the lessons from them for today’s challenges.

The Militant reports the reality of the class struggle in a country and world divided between the capitalist exploiters and billions of workers, farmers and others oppressed by them. It seeks to raise workers’ class consciousness and our confidence in relying on our own forces, and to expand our internationalism.

Readers of the paper learn how working people can overcome divisions fostered by bosses to divide and weaken our class. It charts a course to advance the fight for women’s emancipation, as our families fight against the ravages of today’s capitalist crisis. And it fights for a class-struggle road to Black liberation.

We feature the work and program of the Socialist Workers Party. Working people need to build a revolutionary party that can join in and help lead struggles today, at the same time as it points the road forward in the fight to take political power into our own hands. The SWP fights to be that party.

The Militant features coverage of Cuba’s socialist revolution. Led by Fidel Castro and the July 26 Movement, working people took control of their country and their destiny, and reached out to back struggles of the oppressed worldwide. And the paper shows why the rich history and powerful lessons of the U.S. class struggle demonstrate that the course they charted is both necessary and possible here.

Join in expanding the reach of the Militant!