May 9, 2022

Brian Oreggio

Brian Oreggio, a longtime reader of the Militant in Manchester, died at age 60, April 12, after a long illness.

Oreggio joined with co-workers who are members of the Communist League at Tulip Meats factory here in union and political activity, including protests against cop brutality and actions to defend Cuba’s socialist revolution. He helped organize a display of paintings by Antonio Guerrero, one of five Cuban revolutionaries framed-up and jailed in the U.S., in the neighborhood where he lived. Displays of Guerrero’s artwork were part of the worldwide campaign that helped win the release of the Cuban Five.

Oreggio visited picket lines across the region, extending solidarity to others. He was keen to report his experiences to co-workers and explain why this activity was important.

Participants at the Militant Labour Forum here toasted his contribution with a shot of Cuban rum.

Pete Clifford,
Manchester, England