SWP joins in discussion on women’s emancipation at Roe v. Wade actions

July 11, 2022

SWP members in Atlanta met graduate student Wyatt Madden at a June 26 protest against the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

He told party member Susan LaMont he was concerned with the direction of U.S. politics after the ruling. LaMont said she didn’t think the ruling would lead to the outlawing of birth control and other rights won in hard-fought struggles, and it should call forth a broader working-class fight to defend our families and women’s rights. She said the SWP was for working people organizing independently of the bosses’ two parties and building our own party. Madden said he liked “the idea of a labor party.” But until one is formed, “isn’t it better to have a candidate who’s even a bit better?”

The lesser-evil politics of the Democrats and Republicans is a trap, LaMont said. A labor party is needed “to lead working people to make a socialist revolution that can rid the world of capitalism.” Madden wasn’t convinced, but said, “I want to try this paper to learn more about what you’re saying,” and got a subscription.