SWP candidates in Minneapolis speak out against antisemitic flyers

By Edwin Fruit
July 25, 2022

Socialist Workers Party candidates in Minnesota issued a statement July 5 answering vile antisemitic leaflets distributed anonymously in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, near Talmud Torah’s Newman elementary school.

The rightist leaflet was headlined “Every Single Aspect of Gun Control Is Jewish” and featured a Star of David along with a satanic symbol. Underneath were pictures of 21 Jewish politicians and activists who the flyer charges back gun control but “are protected with guns paid for by taxpayers.” The flyer advertises a notorious pro-Nazi website for more information.

The distributor of the rightist flyer stuffed them in individual plastic baggies, weighted down with rice, and then tossed them from a car while driving through the neighborhood during the night of June 27. A neighbor who found one retrieved as many as he could before children came to school.

“The fight against Jew-hatred and antisemitism is important for the whole working class,” Gabrielle Prosser, SWP candidate for governor of Minnesota, Kevin Dwire for lieutenant governor and David Rosenfeld for U.S. Congress said in the statement. “The goal of antisemitism is to provide a scapegoat to divert us from seeing the real enemy — the capitalist system itself.

“We urge all working people, our unions and other working-class organizations to join us in speaking out against Jew-hatred.”