25, 50, and 75 years ago

September 19, 2022

September 22, 1997

The statement below was issued by Janet Post, Socialist Workers candidate for Mayor of Miami, and Rollande Girard, candidate for Miami Commissioner, District 1.

The Socialist Workers candidates condemn the September 4 bombings of three hotels and a restaurant in Cuba, in which an Italian man visiting the country was killed. These attacks follow several other such bombings since April.

The labor movement, working farmers, and youth involved in social protest actions have a direct interest in defending Cuba against these assaults. Washington has a well-known record of organizing, encouraging, and covering up terrorist acts against Cuba.

Standing together with our brothers and sisters in Cuba will strengthen the struggles of workers and unionists here, and advance the fighting power of those taking a stand against exploitation and oppression.

September 22, 1972

A wave of prison protests swept Britain in August and is continuing this month, the New York Times reported Aug. 5, saying, “At least 10 percent of Britain’s 40,000 prison inmates staged 24-hour sit-down demonstrations to protest prison conditions.”

These actions were called by Preservation of the Rights of Prisoners, an organization that includes ex-prisoners and supporters as well as inmates. PROP sees itself as a prisoners union.

“All these troubles merely reflect how bad the prisons are,” Dick Pooley, PROP’s national organizer, told the Times. “The group maintains that prisoners are protesting for basic human rights,” the paper reported.

British Home Office officials in charge of prisons have not resorted to major physical repression for fear of giving the prison movement added political impact and sympathy in the British population.

September 22, 1947

“Eat less and eat less extravagantly.” That is the cynical and brutal “solution” to high prices offered by American capitalism and its bi-partisan political machine in Washington. “Eat less” is the program of the monopolies, including the giant food trusts, which are gorging on the greatest profits feast in history.

The only effective answer to these criminals who have a stranglehold on the nation’s food is for the government to seize and nationalize these vital food industries and operate them without profit under workers’ control. That means: EXPROPRIATE THE FOOD TRUSTS!

To oust the monopoly profiteers, to put through the necessary anti-inflation measures, the workers must wield their own mighty weapon of independent political action. Build a fighting Labor Party! Boot the Democratic-Republican tools of the trusts and of Washington!