November 7, 2022

‘Send me your newspaper’

I ran across one of your newspapers that was left in a cell after I moved in. It wasn’t the full edition, but I loved the articles on Ukraine and the way you support the overworked and underpaid. Please send me your newspaper. Thank you for all you do!

A prisoner

Alone in the storm

Thank you for the article comparing Hurricane Ian’s effects on the working people of Cuba and the U.S.

Here in Punta Gorda, Florida, my husband, my dog and I huddled in a closet for eight hours while the worst of the storm blew. We had an emergency radio with us but were getting spotty reception.

We had little chance of storm surge in our area, but as Ian advanced to near Category 5 wind power that lasted hours we realized too late we should have evacuated.

Our house sustained minimal damage but we were without power for a week and potable water for 10 days. We still have not been reconnected to reliable internet usage (that’s why I’m using snail mail to report to you).

The damage to our community — traffic lights gone, stores closed, buildings blown apart and roofs gone or severely damaged on residential homes. Downed trees and rubble everywhere.

All in all, the lack of communication to us has been the biggest challenge. We never heard officially exactly what was going on. Word of mouth from neighbors is our best connection. We were and remain alone.

Mary Imo-Stike
Punta Gorda, Florida