25, 50, and 75 years ago

November 21, 2022

November 24, 1997

HAVANA — “In the present international conditions, we reaffirm that socialism is a necessity,” said Cuban leader José Ramón Balaguer to the Oct. 21-23 international workshop here on “Socialism as the 21st Century Approaches.”

“The contradiction between capital and labor is increasingly internationalized,” he said, “making imperative an in-depth study of socialism, beyond national borders and contradictions, and confirming the relevance of that slogan of classic Marxism: `Workers of all countries, unite!’ — which, far from being outdated, could be extended, drawing in other social sectors that are also subjected to the barbarity of capital.”

Balaguer underlined the critical need for the revolutionary workers movement to take the moral high ground.

November 24, 1972

SAN DIEGO — The Navy is making extensive use of duplicity and intimidation to defuse the courageous antiracist protest by Black seamen from the warship USS Constellation. They are being individually processed for “counseling” and administrative hearings. At these hearings a variety of penalties have been imposed and an undetermined number of the men have been given discharges.

The Constellation protest by the Black seamen began while the ship was at sea. It had recently returned from the Vietnam coastal areas, where it had participated in the bombing of Vietnam. The Constellation had been in the news a year ago when antiwar crew members refused to report for the sailing to Vietnam.

November 24, 1947

A wave of militant demonstrations has broken out in both Italy and France. They occur on the eve of the Foreign Ministers Conference in London. The response of the masses arises from the acuteness of the economic situation. The cost of living continues to skyrocket. Hunger and misery are rampant.

In addition the mounting strength of reaction and the danger of a fascist seizure of power, particularly in France, deeply disturbs the masses.

In order to really frighten Wall Street, the demonstrations must reach such size that they are clearly beyond the capacity of Wall Street’s own reactionary forces in France and Italy to roll back. The masses will continually seek decisive preventive action while there is still time.