Special ‘Militant’ ‘tax rebate’ fund donations hit $5,020

By Norton Sandler
December 5, 2022

“Enclosed is a check for $700 for the Militant. We appreciate the invitation made in the paper to contribute California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s contemptuous bribe aimed at corralling some votes for the Democrats in the 2022 election.” This note came from Jim Altenberg and Carole Lesnick in Oakland.

“No one can possibly believe that the meager check will cover for the monopoly-rigged gas prices California drivers have had to pay over the past year,” their note continued. “We’ve endured high fuel prices for decades, even before the latest rationalization — ‘climate change’ — began ringing like an endless echo across the airwaves and in every newspaper. We look forward to the Militant’s truthful and extensive coverage of the class struggle around the world.”

Retired longshoreman Mike Downs from Los Angeles wrote with his contribution, “With all these strikes breaking out, workers need the Militant more than ever.”

These contributions and others push the total received by the Militant to $5,020. They will go toward offsetting the accelerating inflation-driven rise in printing and shipping costs the paper faces. The state of California has slowly been sending out these rebate checks to anyone who filed a 2020 state tax return. We encourage readers to join in sending them to the Militant.