25, 50, and 75 years ago

February 27, 2023

March 2, 1998

William Jefferson Clinton, in his second inaugural speech proclaimed the United States “the world’s indispensable nation.” The message is that Washington — acting unilaterally and relying more and more on military force — will target for brutal punishment “those people” who don’t “follow the rules” it sets.

The U.S. capitalist rulers are hell-bent on unleashing a slaughter against the Iraqi people.

A campaign within the working class to tell the truth about the employers’ war drive must focus on explaining and opposing imperialism — the worldwide system of capitalist exploitation and oppression whose workings inexorably lead to bloody wars. In face of the patriotic war propaganda, working people must unconditionally defend Iraq’s sovereignty.

Stop the imperialist slaughter!

U.S. hands off Iraq! 

March 2, 1973

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 20 — The announcement of plans for a general strike in support of the striking teachers here capped the most dramatic day so far in the six-week-long walkout by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. The Philadelphia AFL-CIO executive council, in conjunction with the Teamsters and other unions, has set Feb. 28 as the date for a labor march and rally in support of the teachers.

The call for a general strike was precipitated by the jailing of PFT President Frank Sullivan and chief negotiator John Ryan, followed by the refusal of the courts to set bail for them and the arrests since Feb. 15 of 778 teachers. Yesterday 373 teachers were charged with contempt of court for violating an injunction barring picketing. This morning 500 teachers demonstrated, chanting “No contract, no work,” and “Free Frank Sullivan and John Ryan.” 

March 1, 1948

Wall Street’s candidates will be opposed in the presidential election by a working-class slate standing on the program of revolutionary socialism. As candidate of the Socialist Workers Party for President of the United States in the 1948 election the National Committee nominated Farrell Dobbs. For Vice President, the NC chose Grace Carlson.

Dobbs came to the fore as a capable, fighting labor leader during the Minneapolis Teamsters strike of 1934. In 1941 he was framed up in the Minneapolis Labor Case. Sentenced for the “crime” of opposing imperialist war and advocating socialism, he served 13 months in Sandstone Federal Penitentiary.

Carlson has a similar active record in the labor movement. The only woman among the 18 defendants in the Minneapolis case, Carlson served 13 months at the Alderson Federal Penitentiary for Women.