End US rulers’ economic war against the Cuban Revolution!

April 24, 2023

Why are the U.S. rulers waging an economic war against the people of Cuba? 

“Not fear of the Cuban Revolution,” Fidel Castro told a meeting of a million in Havana in 1962. “But fear of the Latin American revolution.” 

Fear that workers and farmers elsewhere in the Americas would be inspired by the socialist revolution made by Cuban workers and farmers. Washington wants to crush the example they set of wresting political power from the capitalist class, taking over the running of industry, the land and the banks, of transforming themselves and of forging a communist leadership. That’s why the brutal U.S. embargo continues to this day, imposed by every Democratic and Republican president over the last 63 years, to try to silence the example set by the Cuban people.

The embargo not only prevents Cuba from purchasing materials directly from the U.S. It also blocks foreign companies from selling to Cuba anything that has as little as 10% U.S.-origin components. U.S. threats of retaliation against foreign banks make it hard for Cuba to open up bank accounts and pay for what it needs, even if there are no “U.S. components.” 

It’s a big part of why there are shortages of oil, medicines, fertilizers and other basic necessities, causing tremendous hardship in Cuba. Cuba’s inclusion on Washington’s odious list of State Sponsors of Terrorism prevents Havana accessing credit. 

The U.S. rulers’ drive against Cuba has been worsened by the soaring prices and drop in production that mark the world capitalist crisis, as well as the consequences of Moscow’s war on Ukraine. The subsequent hardships are reflected in the rising number of Cubans who are emigrating. 

This week’s Militant  notes even baseball games aren’t immune from attacks. Despite the disruption and harassment facing Cuban players from rightist thugs — who were given free rein in the Miami stadium — the Cuban team played with dignity in their historic match against the U.S.

In fighting to end the U.S. embargo of Cuba we’re fighting against the same class enemy assaulting us at home, and for the interests we share with working people everywhere. Building a revolutionary working-class party to lead millions to take power from the U.S. rulers is at the center of what working people here can contribute to ending their economic war against Cuba.

Join in building support for the fight to bring a halt to Washington’s assaults against the people of Cuba! Help win more working people here to protest the embargo!