‘Militant’ gets around in the prisons

By Seth Galinsky
April 24, 2023

For the first time in decades, the Militant now has over 200 subscribers in 66 state and federal prisons across 28 states. Since the paper is often shared as part of what some workers behind bars call the “newspaper train,” it’s safe to say many times over that number of people who got caught up in the capitalist rulers’ criminal “justice” system read the paper every week.

The Militant is proud of this readership and fights to defend the right of every one of its readers to get and use a paper “published in the interests of working people.”

“I like the world news of our struggles against oppression and movement of the Cuban Revolution,” wrote one prisoner from Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida. “I enjoy reading the Militant and share it with other prisoners.”

“Keep up the good work,” said a prisoner at California State Prison in Corcoran. “Many inmates like your paper!”

The respect for the Militant has grown every time prison authorities have attempted to ban the paper, claiming its coverage and editorial opinions are somehow a “threat” to the “security” of their system. That’s especially true in Florida, where the majority of attempts to bar the Militant have come down. We have won most of these fights.

“The injustice I go through in this place and what I see our capitalist rulers doing, or not doing, just makes my fight for humanity more meaningful,” wrote one Florida prisoner. “I know that what your core values stand for is the purest form of humanity and my heart goes out to all of you at the Militant and those fighting for what’s right in the Socialist Workers Party.”

The Militant offers a special rate for prisoners of just $6 for six months. Prisoners who cannot afford that can receive a complimentary subscription. Special contributions to the Militant’s Prisoners’ Fund help underwrite this effort.