Minn. protest: ‘Free political prisoners in Iran, Belarus, Russia!’

By Gabby Prosser
May 8, 2023

MINNEAPOLIS — Some 60 Iranians, Russians and Belarusians and supporters came together downtown here on April 22 to demand the release of political prisoners in their home countries. 

Many spoke — in Russian, Farsi and English — and there were posters with the names and faces of political prisoners held in the three countries, calling for their release. There were also posters against the poisoning of young female students in Iran. 

Many spoke out against Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, and protesters waved the flags of Ukraine and Iran.

The rally was co-sponsored by the Minnesota Committee in Support of a Democratic Iran and Russians Against War Minnesota. 

“We came together because we have a shared goal. We are against the dictatorships and political prisoners in our countries,” Parham Alaci, who organized the protest, said. “There is a relationship between the governments of our countries. They work together, so the population of those countries need to work together to oppose them.”