Help put SWP Party-Building Fund over the top!

By Ilona Gersh
November 20, 2023

The Socialist Workers Party’s annual Party-Building Fund has two weeks to go, with a goal of raising at least $140,000 for the SWP to get out its program and activities to working people around the world.

The SWP and its candidates explain that as long as the capitalist rulers hold power, their system of plunder, exploitation and oppression will generate economic crises, increased military conflicts and more wars. Coming on top of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the Oct. 7 pogrom against Jews organized by Tehran and Hamas marks a turning point in world politics.

But most importantly, the imperialist epoch breeds working-class struggle and opportunities for socialist revolution. Workers will have our chance to take power into our own hands before the rulers plunge us into another Holocaust, or third imperialist world war. The SWP exists to build a leadership that can lead the working class to win.

Several SWP branches report big progress in meeting their goals. “We sent out a mailing explaining the deadly danger of Jew-hatred and the class-struggle road forward of uniting working people — Jewish, Arab, Palestinian or Persian — against the capitalist exploiters and their governments across the Middle East,” wrote Andrea Morell, the Oakland fund drive director. “And we got some immediate responses, including some large ones of $500-$800.”

“I am intensely proud of and keep learning from the position the party is taking on events in Gaza and Israel,” wrote party supporter Tony Thomas in Miami when he mailed in a fund contribution. “I wish it could be more.”

Now is the time to ask for generous contributions to the fund from supporters, Militant subscribers, on the picket lines, at protests against Jew-hatred and for the right of Israel to exist as a refuge for Jews, and on workers’ doorsteps.

Join in the final effort to go over the top by Nov. 21! Contact the SWP branch nearest you listed in the directory.