Defend sovereignty of Israel and Ukraine

January 15, 2024

Moscow’s murderous war on Ukraine, its culture and its people, and the Tehran-sponsored Hamas pogrom seeking to smash Israel and kill as many Jews as possible are two watershed events whose ramifications effect politics worldwide. Both are deadly threats to the working class and can be fought to the end.

Working people in Ukraine are waging a courageous fight to push Moscow’s forces out of their country, all of their country.

Israeli toilers, Jewish and Arab alike, alongside Bedouins, immigrant workers and growing numbers of Gazans are fighting to defeat and destroy Hamas so it and its mentor in Tehran are incapable of such Jew-hatred and brutality again.

These heroic struggles are intertwined. They are in the interests of workers and our unions everywhere. These gains open up crucial political space for the toilers in Ukraine and Russia, in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, to work and struggle together.

The “democratic” imperialist powers, first and foremost here in Washington, have no answers for working people. The only goal worshipped by the ruling capitalist families is at the altar of ever more profit ripped off the backs of the toilers. Their foreign policy and massive military forces exist for only one reason — to defend their blood-soaked system.

The imperialist world order has been deeply shaken by Putin’s invasion and Tehran’s drive to destroy Israel. There is greater danger today of new wars and the threat of nuclear destruction.

The only realistic road forward is to unify the working class in struggle and to build the party we need in the U.S. and worldwide to lead the fight to overthrow capitalist exploitation and oppression and take political power into our own hands.

Join the Socialist Workers Party in distributing the Militant, which tells the truth about the road forward for the workers of the world.