Dan Fein, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Illinois governor, talks with Willie Norwood, right, in Kankakee. Bedrock of party’s campaigning is going door to door to talk with workers

Join SWP in taking its campaign out to workers!

The Militant calls on working people to join the Socialist Workers Party candidates campaigning up to the Nov. 6 elections. They are the only candidates who explain that working people need to break from the bosses’ political parties, the Democrats and…

Join Socialist Workers Party 2018 Campaign!

Workers need to build their own party, a labor party

Working people are living through times today we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The working class remains at the center of politics in the U.S. as the 2018 midterm elections are less than three weeks away. Although no one can…

Ky concrete workers strike over health care, two-tier

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — “This strike isn’t really about wages. It’s about health insurance and being able to take care of your family,” Ed Sadler, head mechanic with 21 years at Allied Ready Mix, told the Militant as he picketed outside…

‘Working people need to organize, to build unions’

Campaigning door to door in Woodhaven, Queens, in New York Oct. 14, Socialist Workers Party member Willie Cotton, right, speaks with an airport worker who had been involved in organizing a union at his workplace. He purchased The Clintons’ Anti-Working-Class Record, a Militant subscription, and said he wanted to talk more about unions and the party’s activities.

Supporters of the Socialist Workers Party and its candidates in the 2018 elections are campaigning on workers’ doorsteps all across the country, introducing them to the party, its program and perspectives, the Militant  and books by party leaders. They are…


Pathfinder books spark lively interest at Manila book fair

More than 700 books on working-class politics, history were scooped up at Manila book fair.

MANILA, Philippines — There was hardly an hour when the Pathfinder booth at the Sept. 12-16 Manila International Book Fair wasn’t packed with fairgoers of all ages browsing the shelves with growing enthusiasm for the books they saw. The crowds…

Socialist Workers Party leadership sets course ahead

Adopts course to build union solidarity • defend constitutional freedoms • fight for wages, hours, job conditions that prevent families in working class from being torn apart • defend Cuba’s socialist revolution and its example in the U.S. and world over
International Educational Conference in Oberlin, Ohio, June 8-10, brought together over 330 people for reports, discussion on communist program, continuity and activities. Right, SWP literature table during conference.
OBERLIN, Ohio — “The sweeping indictment of Donald Trump under the Espionage Act by President Joseph…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.