UMWA Local 2397 members Andre Ball, standing on left, and Ronnie Reynolds, seated in the right foreground, staffing the picket line at Warrior Met Coal’s No. 7 Mine West Portal.

Build support for striking miners and steelworkers!

Mineworkers battle for safety, against divisions

BROOKWOOD, Ala. — “We are one UMWA,” “No contract no coal,” and “United we stand UMWA” signs dot yards, showing support for the 1,100 members of the United Mine Workers of America on strike against Warrior Met Coal here since…

Jury finds the cop who killed George Floyd guilty

MINNEAPOLIS — A jury here convicted fired cop Derek Chauvin on all charges April 20 for the killing of George Floyd last May. After two days of deliberation the jury unanimously found Chauvin guilty of second- and third-degree murder and…

USW wins solidarity in strike against ATI bosses

WASHINGTON, Pa. — United Steelworkers union officials and Allegheny Technologies Inc. bosses returned to the bargaining table April 19 for the first in-person negotiations since 1,300 workers went on strike at nine ATI plants across the country March 30. The…

Washington says will pull out of 20-year Afghan war

The U.S. rulers’ 20-year-long war in Afghanistan will be brought to an end, promised President Joseph Biden, as had Donald Trump before him, halting a conflict Washington long ago gave up trying to win. Some 2,500 U.S. troops will leave…

NY event hails Cuban literacy drive, Bay of Pigs victories

Some 105 people at April 18 meeting in New York Socialist Workers Party hall celebrate Cuban revolution’s 1961 victory at Bay of Pigs; popular, proletarian campaign to end illiteracy; and example for U.S. workers.

NEW YORK — The victory of the Cuban armed forces and volunteer militias against U.S.-trained and -equipped mercenaries at Playa Girón in April 1961 demonstrated “the determination of the Cuban people to defend the socialist revolution, whatever it took,” said…

Minnesota SWP campaign joins debate over how to fight cop brutality

Gerardo Sánchez, right, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Dallas City Council District 1, talks with UAW members Mitchell Vickery, left, and Chris Hodge, UAW Local 3057 president, on picket line at Prysmian Group in East Texas April 19. Over 200 unionists are striking for better working conditions. Bosses “don’t take into consideration that we are human beings,” Hodge said. SWP candidates campaign to build support for union battles.

MINNEAPOLIS — Doug Nelson, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Minneapolis, and SWP campaign supporters have been fanning out, bringing solidarity to labor battles, speaking out against police brutality and exchanging views with workers on their doorsteps about the…


Cut workweek with no pay cut to save jobs!

Statement by Gerardo Sánchez, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Dallas City Council, District 1, April 21. Millions of workers remain out of work today, facing mounting hardships and uncertainty and isolation from fellow workers on the job. That is the…

SWP Statement

For recognition of a Palestinian state and Israel

• For recognition of a Palestinian state and of Israel
• For repeal of U.S. Jerusalem Embassy Act
• For workers’ solidarity in Israel, Palestine, the world over
The following statement, drafted by Steve Clark, was released Dec. 11 by Jack Barnes, Socialist Workers Party…
Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.