Communist League in UK holds congress

By Tony Hunt
January 1, 2018
Communist League in UK holds congress

MANCHESTER, England — The 10th National Congress of the Communist League in the U.K. met here Dec. 16-17. The elected delegates, above, discussed and adopted a Political Resolution outlining a course to build the League and the international communist movement through advancing its work “deeper into the working class.” At the heart of the resolution is systematic campaigning on doorsteps and living rooms in working-class areas with the Militant and books by Socialist Workers Party National Secretary Jack Barnes, Fidel Castro and other revolutionary leaders. Inset, delegate Jonathan Silberman presents report on the resolution.

Seeking to build the reach of the party and recruit to the League, members will focus on organizing ongoing political discussions with workmates and their families and friends. The congress also discussed the crucial place of involvement in advancing the international efforts of the communist movement. The delegates elected a new Central Committee. The Socialist Workers Party in the U.S. and the Communist League in Canada each sent a fraternal delegation, and greetings from the Communist Leagues in Australia and New Zealand were warmly received. Further coverage will appear in a forthcoming issue.