Join in advancing the reach of the SWP

January 1, 2018

As 2018 begins the Militant invites its readers to join members of the Socialist Workers Party in expanding the readership of the paper, getting books by party leaders and other revolutionaries into the hands of fellow workers, and using SWP 2018 campaigns for U.S. Senate and other offices to introduce the program and activities of the party.

Join in as we visit with co-workers, their families, friends and neighbors, and knock on doors in working-class neighborhoods far and wide. And as we join discussions on strike picket lines and protest actions against cop brutality, attacks on immigrants, assaults on women’s rights, and against Washington’s wars.

We will discuss how the deep-going crisis of capitalism today drives the propertied rulers to step up their attacks on workers’ living standards, dignity and rights. Join us in participating in the wide-ranging discussions among workers looking for a way to overcome the divisions the bosses impose on us and stand up to their assaults. Through struggles in the years ahead, workers will develop the courage, class solidarity and self-confidence to make socialist revolution here possible.

Fifty-nine years ago working people in Cuba demonstrated that our class is capable of forging the cadres and leadership needed to take political power. And they went on to overturn the dictatorship of the capitalist class, replacing it with the power of the toiling majority and reaching out to aid fighting peoples worldwide.

We will build such a party here. This is a life worth living! Join us!