September 17, 2018

Need cultural revolution!

The more I read the Militant and get a greater understanding of its motives, political agenda, etc., the more I value those who have sacrificed, died or gone to prison to further the cause of the socialist principle. I truly love reading about the Cuban Revolution and all of those comrades who made Cuba the universal example it has become. Thanks to the Socialist Workers Party I am now able to revolutionize minds that have been poisoned by the Amerikan apparatus. The Militant is preparing the people and informing them of a cultural revolution that must take place in order for the new reality or new government to take root and wipe out the old. Education is the spirit of the revolution. And thanks to the SWP, we are getting plenty of that.
In the spirit of Che!
A prisoner,
Marienville, Pennsylvania

News that really matters

Thank you for printing the news that really matters. Thank you also for unending support of workers across the nation and world. You are truly appreciated.
A prisoner
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Can I submit artwork?

Could I submit artwork for the paper?
A prisoner
Raiford, Florida

Editor’s note: Of course you can. We just ask what you send fits with the themes of our articles and our editorial views. We can’t guarantee in advance we’ll use what you send — we have real space limitations.