Join SWP taking ‘Militant’, books to working class

November 19, 2018

Millions of workers see in their own lives and lives of those they love how working people face the debilitating effects of the ongoing economic, political and moral crisis of capitalist rule. The bosses and their government have nothing to offer except more wars, more opioid addiction, police brutality, injuries on the job, speedup, poor or no health care, deportations of friends and co-workers, attacks on women’s right to choose abortion, growing homelessness, deteriorating public transportation, housing and more.

Most workers either held their noses and picked a “lesser evil” or didn’t vote at all because they’re disgusted with the never-ending disdain of the rulers’ two parties.

The rulers and their politicians — especially the liberal, meritocratic cohort — see workers, as Hillary Clinton explained in 2016, as “deplorables” who are “irredeemable.” Former President Barack Obama dismissed working people, decrying the fact they didn’t do as he told them. “Sometimes I wonder whether I was 10 or 20 years too early,” he told his aides.

They believe workers are bigoted, racist, anti-immigrant, reactionary dullards. They fervently believe workers need to be shunted out of making important decisions, to have their right to the franchise reined in. This view most marks the middle-class left, as they bury themselves in the “resistance” wing of the Democratic Party. But the crisis within the two parties and the bosses’ two party system will continue.

The Socialist Workers Party says the future of humanity lies in the hands of the working class. We are the only class that can stop imperialist war, defend land, labor and culture, and chart a course to overthrow capitalist rule.

This is the lesson of the Cuban Revolution, when workers and farmers there united and overthrew the brutal U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, and took the destiny of their country into their own hands. In the course of that struggle they were transformed, recognizing their self-worth and gaining the confidence and consciousness to reorganize and run their country, defend their revolution from everything the U.S. rulers threw at them, and offer the hand of solidarity to workers fighting worldwide.

The Socialist Workers Party candidates and campaigners took this fighting perspective to workers, farmers and youth during the 2018 campaign, finding a desire to discuss a working-class road forward. A course of organizing the unorganized and building unions, of fighting for workers control of conditions on the job, organizing independently of the capitalist parties and the capitalist state, of a working-class road to unseat the capitalist rulers and bring workers and farmers to power.

The SWP plans to build on what was accomplished by its 19 candidates across the country, to expand the reach of the party, the Militant and books by SWP leaders.

Join us going door to door discussing and debating what we face and a road forward with fellow workers. Join us bringing solidarity to workers on strike, building the unions, and speaking out against abuse and attacks by the capitalist rulers. It’s a life worth living!