December 3, 2018

Prisoners’ rights the civil rights of our era!

There’s an article in the Nov. 12 issue about the ‘SWP: Push back limits on franchise! Restore voting rights to ex-prisoners!’ that I really enjoyed reading about and hope to see more that deal with ex-prisoners’ rights, as well as issues with prisoners. Especially dealing with the Justice/Prison system and over-capacity and underfunded prison system in Illinois. It’s the civil rights issue of our era.

A prisoner

Cancel Honduran debt!

Thanks to the Militant for the article, ‘Amnesty for all immigrants in US, cancel Honduran debt to US banks.’ The Central American caravan is not an easy question for revolutionary communist workers to deal with who have an obligation to think about the interests of the working class as a whole. Such flows of our fellow toilers are unprecedented in the history of the workers’ movement owing precisely to the unprecedented crisis of global capitalism.

Think not only the Americans and Europe but Asia, specifically, the million-person Rohingya caravan into Bangladesh. To conflate, as some do, the communist aspiration for a world without borders with the call for open borders under the domination of capital is irresponsible.

August Nimtz Jr.
Minneapolis, Minnesota