January 21, 2019

The prison newspaper train

I was reading your newspaper that another inmate had. He got transferred and I would like to keep reading it.

I especially enjoy reading of the struggling working class, the Cuban Revolution and international world affairs.

A prisoner

Solitary confinement = torture

I’ve been locked down in the Restricted Housing Unit (i.e., solitary confinement) for approximately 59 months and counting. My oppressors are trying to break my warrior spirit, so that I can be counted amongst the broken. They will never break my spirit or resolve as a man! A few good brothers and I have started our New Year 2019 off with a hunger strike to shine light on our oppressive conditions.

The Ninth Circuit Court ruled in Ashker v. Brown in 2015 that any inmate who has spent more than 27 months in any form of solitary confinement constitutes torture.

A young brother informed me about the Militant  newspaper. Those of us who are conscious enjoy good food for thought, especially food we can meditate on while in the devil’s playground, aka Restricted Housing Unit. Please place me on your subscription list.

A prisoner