Thanks to ‘Militant’ readers, appeal goes over the top

By Terry Evans
March 4, 2019

Contributions of $11,914 have been received at the Militant, taking the paper’s $10,000 special appeal over the top. This will help finance the paper’s publication between now and its annual fund drive in the spring. Thank you to the readers of the Militant!

After longtime reader George Blue in Michigan City, Indiana, sent in a check for the appeal to the Socialist Workers Party headquarters in Chicago, Dan Fein, the party’s candidate for mayor, visited him at his home. Blue got five books on revolutionary politics, and a day later he phoned Fein to ask for six more titles.

The Militant relies for financial backing on the paper’s working-class and broader readership — the only reliable source possible. Millie Townsend reports that three co-workers, who recently subscribed to the paper at the retail store in the Albany, New York, area where she works, made contributions.

Thanks again to everyone who kicked into this special appeal. Anyone wishing to make a contribution to the Militant, anytime during the year, can do so at the paper’s website,, or mail to 306 W. 37th Street, 13th floor, New York, N.Y. 10018.