March 18, 2019

Prisoners need right to vote

Create a movement that will push for a bill in Congress that will allow all state and federal inmates the right to vote. This will change the paradigm on all elections for all the people.

A prisoner

Capitalism not the problem

You are doing the social evolution movement and your readers a disservice by painting the enemy as “capitalism.” The real enemy is a government-created distortion of capitalism called monopolism. History is full of examples of the failure of economic plans which restrict or eliminate private property rights of individuals. When governments use the color of law and brute force to limit the little guy from making a living by preventing his/her access to financing and markets and reserving that “privilege” to the wealthy insiders, this is “monopoly” not “level playing field” of competition. The wealthy hate capitalism; and love monopolism.

Pat Palmer
via email

Editor’s note: What you call “monopolism” is an inextricable consequence of capitalism. One can’t exist without the other. We hope you are following our coverage of Ocasio-Cortez and the “socialist” wing of the Democratic Party. They have nothing to do with socialism. Socialism is not big government, or a bunch of welfare programs. And it’s not an ideology, schema or doctrine. When we speak of socialism we mean the movement of the working classes to take political and economic power into our own hands.

Algeria, Che and Fidel

The Militant’s articles on the collaboration between the Cuban and Algerian revolutions in the early 1960s reminded me of a comment my landlord made when he noticed a book about Cuba on my kitchen table. He said that when he was growing up in Algeria, it was rare to visit a home in his neighborhood and not see a photo of either Fidel or Che on the wall.

Jim Upton
Montreal, Quebec