Ruling is gain for working class

July 29, 2019

The Lorain County jury ruling in favor of the Gibson family in their legal challenge to baseless “racism” smears by the administrators of Oberlin College is a political victory for the working class. It is a break with years of race-baiting attacks aimed at shutting down discussion and debate, orchestrated by privileged liberal meritocrats who view the working classes as bigoted and “racist.” 

In an attempt to undercut the political effect of the ruling, college administrators falsely claim the court decision is an attack on “free speech” for students. It places no such limits on speech, for students or anyone else. It punishes the college, the biggest business in town, for its attempt to cripple a small business with malicious slander and a boycott campaign. The Gibson family deserve the support of all working people as they press their fight forward.

The court’s verdict reflected widespread support for the Gibson family among working people in the area. Oberlin is effectively a company town, where the college has a say over much of their lives. 

False claims of “racism” like those leveled at the Gibsons are widely used by middle-class liberals and radicals, especially on college campuses, to demand those they don’t agree with be prevented from speaking. Even as race-baiting by liberals and the left increases, the fact is there is less racism among working people than ever before in the U.S.

The victory won by the Gibsons puts working people in a better position to defend the political rights we need to fight to defend ourselves from attacks by the bosses and their government. We need the space to discuss and debate how to organize and fight effectively to defend our class interests.

We urge our readers to continue to follow the Gibsons’ fight closely, the stakes are high. Tell others about it and explain the stakes for working people. And feel free to join with hundreds of others to let the Gibsons know how you feel.