New York cops fire officer who killed Eric Garner

By Janet Post
September 2, 2019
New York cops fire officer who killed Eric Garner

NEW YORK —“We’re not finished,” Gwen Carr said at a rally, above, after New York City cop Daniel Pantaleo was fired Aug. 19 for the 2014 killing of her son Eric Garner. “We have other officers that we have to go after. You have heard the names. We know the wrongdoing they have done. They all need to lose their jobs.”   

Garner, 43, died from a chokehold applied by Pantaleo after police claimed he was selling untaxed cigarettes. During the assault in Staten Island, Garner pleaded 11 times “I can’t breathe!” which became a rallying cry across the country in fights against police brutality. 

No criminal or civil charges were ever filed against Pantaleo or any other cop involved. His family says there are at least 11 other cops who were involved and who should be held accountable for Garner’s death. Sgt. Kizzy Adonis, the first police supervisor on the scene,  pled guilty to departmental charges Aug. 21, with 20 days vacation deducted as punishment.

In an Aug. 20 television interview, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that none of the other cops will be disciplined.  

“All the other cops involved in Eric Garner’s death should also be fired, as well as those who killed my son,” Hawa Bah, told the  Militant  Aug. 19. She is the mother of Mohamed Bah who was shot by New York police in 2012.