Drive to expand reach of ‘Militant,’ revolutionary books

By Janet Post
October 14, 2019

Starting Saturday, Oct. 5, the Militant  is launching a nine-week drive to expand the readership of the paper and of books by Socialist Workers Party leaders and other revolutionaries internationally. The drive has an international goal of 1,100 subscriptions and 1,250 books. 

Over the same weeks the Socialist Workers Party will  win new financial support from working people and others as part of raising $100,000 to build the party.

“Socialist Workers Party members and others who see the Militant  as their paper will use the drive to introduce working people to the political activity of the party and its election campaigns and to discuss what we can do together,” said Terry Evans, managing editor of the Militant, Sept. 29.  “There is an uptick in workers’ battles, like the United Auto Workers fight against General Motors and the Blackjewel miners fighting for the pay stolen from them. 

“More workers can see that the bosses, their parties and government are stepping up efforts to make us pay for the crisis of their capitalist system. They need the Militant  for its reporting on workers organizing today, and the political perspective for a class-struggle road forward.”

“The books present lessons from past working-class battles, the party’s program and revolutionary perspectives,” he said. “The drive will help the party meet unionists and other class-struggle-minded workers and deepen relations with them.”

Going door to door in cities, towns and rural areas to extend the reach of the Socialist Workers Party will be at the heart of this effort. SWP members will work together with those we meet door to door, co-workers, and those at labor actions and social protests, and encourage workers and young people to join in campaigning and distributing the Militant.

All of the rich arsenal of books published by Pathfinder Press, as well as the New International, a magazine of Marxist politics and theory, will be offered at 20% off. Eight books with key aspects of the party’s program and that explain political questions facing workers today will be half-price for those who buy a Militant  subscription. In addition, those who join the Pathfinder Readers Club will receive a 30% discount on selected titles each month. 

Many workers who buy a subscription or book will want to make a contribution to the party-building fund to help the work of the party. 

To join in the drive, get a subscription, order some books or copies of the paper to sell to others, get in touch with the SWP or Communist League in your area, listed in the directory.

Contributions to the Party-Building Fund can be made by check or money order, payable to the Socialist Workers Party, and sent to 306 W. 37th St., 13th floor, New York, NY, 10018.