25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

October 21, 2019

October 24, 1994

With almost unanimous bipartisan support, U.S. president Bill Clinton has launched a mammoth military buildup in the Persian Gulf in preparation for a possible military attack on Iraq.

In a matter of days, tens of thousands of U.S. troops have poured into the region, along with hundreds of bombers and other war material. 

Washington’s new military moves against Iraq come as thousands of U.S. troops occupy the Caribbean country of Haiti. In the last two months, the Clinton administration has stepped up its provocations and attacks on Cuba, tightening restrictions on travel to the island and creating an explosive situation with the detention of 30,000 Cuban emigrants at its naval base in Guantánamo, Cuba.

U.S. defense secretary William Perry said that one of the options being considered was pre-emptive military strikes against Iraq. 

October 24, 1969

As Oct. 15 drew to a close, Americans across the country attempted to comprehend the meaning and impact of the historically unprecedented day of action. Millions went into the streets to express their overwhelming opposition to the Vietnam war.

From New York, Chicago and San Francisco to Pocatello, Idaho, Juneau, Alaska, and Memphis, as one news analyst commented, “The mood of the country was O-U-T!”

The direct, mass action by millions showed that they felt their desires, as expressed in the normal electoral channels, have been thwarted. They went into the streets to make their opinions known. In New York hundreds of thousands took part in rallies all over the city — many of them occurring simultaneously. New York’s board of education estimated that high school absenteeism was “well over 90 percent.”

October 21, 1944

With the approval of Washington and the counter-revolutionary Stalinist gang in Moscow, the British imperialists are moving armed forces into Greece to crush the insurrectionary Greek workers and install in Athens the rotten Greek government-in-exile as the guardian of capitalist private property.

Events in Greece provide one of the clearest demonstrations of the reactionary purposes animating the policies of the Allied imperialists. Last week the Greek masses rose and seized Athens and Piraeus as Nazi forces began evacuating the country. Partisan forces in other towns and innumerable villages likewise rose and took control. Nowhere did they have difficulty in overcoming resistance by the retreating Nazis and their Greek collaborators.

Churchill and his friends decided to intervene. Against whom? Obviously against the insurgent masses!