October 21, 2019

Illinois prison book ban

I was reading the front-page article in your Sept. 9 issue on the Florida gulag system’s overturning the ban on several issues of the Militant  and I came across the information about the Danville Correctional Center’s attempt to remove 200 books from the library. I have been challenging these folks for censoring our reading materials for over 50 years. 

A prisoner

Finally getting the ‘Militant’!  

I want to thank you for all the effort and determination in helping all the subscribers of the Militant  in the fight against banning our newspaper and defending our civil rights. I wanted you to know I received the five previously banned issues you sent me. 

The Militant  keeps me informed about the situation in my Island of Enchantment Puerto Rico. 

We have been victims of U.S. capitalism for many years and now my people on the island have stood up and confronted the reality that the U.S. has never helped us. Instead it has utilized us as slaves working for a few dollars while they get rich. 

A prisoner


Editor’s note: It seems that, for now, we have won a victory against the Florida prison system’s efforts to suppress the Militant. On Aug. 30 the Literature Review Committee reversed the bans on the last six issues that had been impounded and to our knowledge no issue of the paper has been impounded since then. Thanks to all those who sent letters to the Review Committee!