Anti-labor outfit attacks autoworker, miner strikes

By Seth Galinsky
November 4, 2019

At a time when tens of thousands of union workers at General Motors, Mack Truck, Asarco copper mines and smelters, and in Chicago schools are fighting the bosses and need solidarity, the anti-labor World Socialist Web Site is working overtime to try and convince them to break up their unions.

The website is run by the so-called Socialist Equality Party. Despite the name, the website and the party have nothing to do with the fight of the working class or for socialism.

This outfit has a long history of trying to demoralize workers involved in labor battles and encourage them to quit their unions — doing dirty work for the capitalist bosses.

They especially try to take advantage of leadership defaults in the union or objective difficulties during a strike to promote government agents’ and bosses’ slanders against the union. Don’t fall for it! We can solve our own problems.

Several members of this notorious group were at the solidarity rally organized by United Auto Workers Local 677 outside the Mack Truck plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania, Oct. 20 passing out attacks on the union.

A typical article run Oct. 18 on the WSWS website attacked the strike at Asarco, saying workers there “can only win if they break their struggle free of the unions.” What could make the capitalist bosses at GM, Mack Truck and Asarco happier than convincing workers to break up their unions, in the middle of a strike no less?

This is the exact opposite of what is needed to advance the working-class fight. Workers need our unions. We need them to be stronger. To fight harder. To be a place to debate and discuss how to fight most effectively. That’s why disruption by WSWS must be rejected.