Help make ‘Militant,’ book, fund drive

December 9, 2019

The Militant  urges its readers to join with Socialist Workers Party members in the final two weeks of the campaign to expand the readership of the paper and books by SWP and other revolutionary working-class leaders and to win contributions to the party’s $100,000 fund drive.

The Militant  is a tool for workers who are organizing to fight against the daily indignities we face at work as well as the bosses’ attacks on our wages, on safety and working conditions. It’s a crucial tool for building solidarity with struggles by working people — from the just concluded “strike for safety” waged by Teamster rail members at Canadian National, to the ongoing bitter strike by copper miners aimed at pushing back Asarco bosses’ union-busting attacks, to social struggles against police brutality, for amnesty for immigrants without papers, for the rights of women, against Washington’s wars and more.

It explains that workers need our own party — a labor party — to fight in our class interests and chart a course to take political power.

The Militant  not only describes why these struggles are in the interests of all  workers, but what can be done to strengthen them. And why working-class solidarity makes a difference.

It is a unique source of news about struggles for political rights being waged by millions from Iraq and Lebanon to Hong Kong. As working people continue to initiate struggles in response to the effects of the crisis of capitalism visited on them and imperialist intervention in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and elsewhere, books that present the lessons of the Cuban and Russian Revolutions and explain a working-class road forward are indispensable.

Along with the Militant, titles by SWP leaders and other revolutionists explain how workers and farmers have fought successfully in past struggles, gaining confidence and class consciousness in the process. They explain how every political question we confront is a class  question.

Above all, they explain that workers can learn the opposite of everything we are taught about ourselves under capitalism — what we are capable of becoming, as we fight to change the miserable conditions the rulers foist on us.

In contrast to the rigged capitalist two-party system — the Republicans and Democrats, with their growing “socialist” reform hangers-on — the Militant  and these books present the program and activities of the Socialist Workers Party, its candidates and those of Communist Leagues in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the U.K.

Join this campaign! Show the paper to your co-workers, neighbors and friends, and join SWP members taking the paper and books to workers’ battles and on their doorsteps in cities, towns and rural areas. Help win new contributors to the work of the SWP.