‘Stimulus’ payout donations are big boost to SWP

By Emma Johnson
May 11, 2020

The response to the Socialist Workers Party appeal for contributions from the one-time government “stimulus” payout of $1,200 is starting to pick up.

In the last week 28 contributors have sent in a total of $32,200 toward the long-term work of the SWP.

The appeal was made to answer a growing number of requests asking how to make out the check. Lisa Potash, a Walmart worker in Atlanta, captured the spirit at the outset — “Just letting you know ‘it’s on the way’ whenever it comes.”

Along with his check, Dan Fein from Chicago sent a note saying he contributed “to help speed the day when we can rid the world of the capitalist system with its war and economic depressions.”

Joe Swanson from Lincoln, Nebraska, wrote, “We decided the best use of the ‘stimulus’ is to build a party to help lead our class and end the rule of the dog-eat-dog capitalist class once and for all.”

Other notes, as well, capture the spirit. “Put it to good use to advance the interests of the working class,” one said. “Happy to be able to contribute,” said another.

Contributors are turning the appeal into a significant boost to the party’s ability to respond both to the unfolding deep-going economic and social crisis of capitalism and to the class struggle.

If you’d like to kick in, send a check made out to the Socialist Workers Party to 306 W. 37th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10018. On the “memo” line write “Special Fund.”