DC picket protests US rulers’ attacks against Cuba

By Arlene Rubinstein
May 25, 2020
DC picket protests US rulers’ attacks against Cuba
Militant/Glova Scott

WASHINGTON — Following an April 30 shooting attack of over 30 rounds with an AK-47 assault rifle that damaged the Cuban Embassy here, the D.C. Metro Coalition in Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution sponsored a solidarity picket line there May 7. While the shooter has been taken into custody, U.S. authorities have not condemned the attack nor have they provided information about him to the Cuban government. 

The attack came as Washington has been tightening its economic war against Cuba and its revolution. 

Participants also carried signs protesting the U.S. rulers’ efforts to bring down the government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. On May 3 a motley group of a couple dozen would-be invaders, led by two former U.S. special forces soldiers, were captured — and some killed — by fishermen and Venezuelan troops when they attempted to land on shore. “The U.S. criminal year-long effort to overthrow President Maduro is ongoing and must cease,” the coalition said in a news release announcing the action. 

Over 25 partisans of the Cuban Revolution participated in the spirited protest, including members of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC); FMLN of Washington, D.C.; metro-area Foro de Sao Paulo group; National Lawyers Guild; One DC Black Workers & Wellness Center; and the Socialist Workers Party.