‘Militant’ special appeal goes over $82,000 — a fantastic success!

By John Studer
March 22, 2021

Over the last two months, 191 readers have contributed $82,176 to the Militant’s special “stimulus” appeal — a fantastic response! This second “stimulus” government payout is now over.

We explained when we launched the appeal in January that the funds would help the Militant meet expenses until the annual spring Militant Fighting Fund is launched in late March, along with a spring subscription drive to expand our readership. Our only source of income is our readers, and the contributions will also strengthen the paper’s capacity to respond in a timely way to unfolding developments in the class struggle today in the U.S. and worldwide.

Our readers met this goal and more!

The paper, published in the interests of the working class, is irreplaceable for its weekly coverage on working-class and social struggles worldwide. For organizing solidarity; for coverage of the Socialist Workers Party campaigns explaining working-class policy on all questions; and to explain all political questions from the point of view of the working class against the exploiting class.

It runs in-depth features on the hard-won lessons of past class-struggle battles. The Militant advances a course for working people to defend our class interests, to open the road toward building our own party, a labor party, to organize all those oppressed and exploited by capital in the fight to bring a workers and farmers government to power.

We now look forward to successful spring drives to continue financing the paper and expand the Militant’s readership! Join the effort!

Thanks again for the contributions. As we go to press the government is deciding a third “stimulus” payout. If signed, the Militant will carry an announcement of the best way to use it to advance the working-class movement!