November 8, 2021

Dave Goldman

Dave Goldman, a longtime friend of the communist movement and former member of the Socialist Workers Party, passed away at his home here Oct. 5. Goldman joined the Young Socialist Alliance and SWP in upstate New York in the early 1970s and moved to San Diego to build the party in California.

He later transferred to Seattle and worked in the shipyards, and as a union machinist at Boeing, building the union and advancing the party’s program. He dropped out of the party in the 1990s, but remained a lifelong friend, attending major public party forums and contributing generously to party funds.

Messages can be sent to swpseattle@gmail.com and contributions in his honor to the SWP, 650 S. Orcas St., #120, Seattle, WA 98108. Messages will be shared with his family.

Rebecca Willamson
Seattle, Washington