Join in charting new course for working class

May 2, 2022

The bosses and their political parties — facing increasing cutthroat competition and conflict worldwide — are stepping up their assaults on working people at home and abroad. To defend their dog-eat-dog profit system, they’re driving to lower our living standards, speed up production, undermine our rights and further build up their military forces for a future of spreading wars, including the threat of nuclear destruction.

The Socialist Workers Party and its candidates for office in 2022 are campaigning to get out the truth about what working people face and pose a road forward. They join discussions about what we can do together to end the death and destruction brought down on our class worldwide by the capitalist rulers. Join us in helping get the SWP on the ballot!

The SWP campaigns against the invasion and destruction being visited on working people in Ukraine by the KGB-style regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin — the first major land war in Europe in decades. Putin’s invasion — and his brutal repression aimed at Russian working people — is a reflection of capitalism’s inexorable march toward more national conflicts and a third world war. The SWP demands: Moscow out of Ukraine now! Defend Ukraine Independence! U.S. troops and weaponry — including its nuclear arsenal — out of Europe!

As capitalism’s bloody wars expand, they will be accompanied by the rise of fascist movements the capitalists turn to amid their death agony, seeking to protect their crisis-ridden rule from mounting revolutionary struggles. “The future of humanity depends on the independent political organization of the world’s toilers to resist the devastation the rulers seek to impose on us,” explains Jack Barnes, SWP national secretary, in the article “Washington’s Assault on Iraq: the Opening Guns of World War III in New International no. 7. “It depends on our capacity to fight, to win revolutionary battles, and to take war-making powers out of the hands of the exploiters and oppressors by establishing governments of the workers and farmers.”

To do this, working people have to overcome a serious obstacle. We have no party of our own. The ruling class uses their two main parties, the Democrats and Republicans, to try to corral workers into “choosing” which is the lesser evil. But both serve the interests of capitalists on every question at all times. Neither can be bent to serve the needs of working people.

Working people need to break once and for all from the shackles of capitalist politics and organize our own party, a labor party, to organize and centralize our struggles on the road to taking political power into our own hands. Along this course we can mobilize union solidarity with today’s strikes and other battles and fight to overcome the divisions the capitalists use to try to pit working people against each other.

A labor party would advance a working-class foreign policy, based on the common class interests we share with working people in Ukraine, Russia and around the world. It would reject backing our own ruling class, which first and always looks to defend and advance its own predatory interests worldwide.

The Socialist Workers Party and its candidates point to the example set by the socialist revolution made by the workers and peasants of Cuba. Led by Fidel Castro and the July 26 Movement, working people in their millions ousted the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. They established a workers and farmers government and nationalized the land, to put it in the hands of the tillers — as well as the country’s industry, to produce what workers need, not for private profit.

They reached out the hand of solidarity to workers worldwide, including to 25,000 Ukrainian youth who they treated free of charge after they were stricken by the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl caused by Stalinist disdain.

SWP supporters are campaigning and gathering signatures for the next couple weeks to get on the ballot in New Jersey, and in Minnesota May 17-31. Join us!