‘I appreciate this book’

April 3, 2023

From the Dominican Republic and on behalf of the Sugarcane Workers Union UTC, we send our appreciation for the writings by George Novack in Labor, Nature, and the Evolution of Humanity. We were pleased to read George Novack’s biography (1905-92) and about his joining the Socialist Workers Party in the United States.

His writings about how humanity rose to civilization — as well as his analysis of the fundamental course of U.S. history — is of great importance, and in our view, essential to understand the present and future development of humanity, of the working class, and its future socialist system. It’s a pleasure to read and study his works because they make clear our political responsibility and provide a genuine understanding of the past, present, and future struggles of the working class and its vanguard, which is the party.

Honor and glory to George Novack.

Jesús Núñez
Dominican Republic