Many attracted to ‘Militant’ at Havana Int’l Book Fair

By Róger Calero
April 3, 2023

HAVANA — An indication of the interest in revolutionary working-class politics among workers and youth visiting the Pathfinder stand at the Havana International Book Fair this February was the 31 who subscribed to the Militant.

Volunteers at the Pathfinder bookstand called the subscribers later to get their impressions of the paper. Many said they were especially interested in the Militant’s coverage of the conditions and the struggles of working people in the U.S., which they sometimes hear about from relatives who live there, but don’t hear much from other news sources. Two of the subscriptions were sold to people visiting Cuba from the U.S.

Some of the new readers asked where they could find more Pathfinder books in Cuba. We said a number of titles are available at the Havana bookstore of Casa Editora Abril, the publishing house of Cuba’s Union of Young Communists.

Three of the subscriptions were renewals. A couple of readers who subscribed last year said they enjoyed the Militant’s coverage of the activities of socialist workers they had met at the Pathfinder stand who were running as Socialist Workers Party candidates. A few asked how to send letters or comments to the paper.

Some didn’t agree with the Militant’s position opposing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, but liked its coverage of other issues. One new subscriber said he disagreed with the Ukraine coverage but was curious to learn more because he knew the Militant  was accurate in its other reporting.