Join ‘Militant’ campaign for unions, rights

July 31, 2023

The Militant  tells the truth about all the key working-class questions today — from the strike battles taking place to the fight to defend crucially needed constitutional freedoms. We urge our readers to join with us to get the broadest readership possible.

The paper is an indispensable tool for building the labor movement and organizing solidarity with today’s strikes. This issue brings news from the picket lines of dockworkers in British Columbia, Canada; actors and screenwriters around the U.S.; and 340,000 Teamsters preparing for a strike against UPS. It’s a voice for rail unionists fighting for control over safety, training and job conditions — a fight that is vital to the well-being and lives of workers and anyone who lives near the tracks.

If you’re on strike or involved in any other working-class struggle, send in a report to the Militant  and we’ll spread the word.

Every one of these battles requires freedoms of speech, assembly and other constitutional rights won over centuries of struggle. They provide protection from government attempts to frame up working-class fighters, to suppress discussion or freedom of worship, to use their courts and cops to weaken our strikes and other struggles, to deny us due process and much more.

Week in and week out the Militant  explains the stakes for working people in defending constitutional protections, whether it’s opposing the state of Colorado’s attack on the free speech rights of a web designer; the frame-up of members of the African People’s Socialist Party under witch hunt “foreign agent” registration laws; moves by the state of Maine to ignore the Supreme Court and discriminate against Catholics; or the yearslong attack on our rights by the Joseph Biden administration, as it and its allies try to criminalize political discussion and send Donald Trump — the leading candidate against Biden in 2024 — to jail.

Safeguarding every one of these protections and seeking to extend them is vital to the political struggles that lie ahead.

The Militant  gives voice to the Socialist Workers Party candidates, who present the program needed to advance the class interests of workers and farmers. With the costs of food, health care, housing and child care rising, they explain why a union-led struggle for jobs at wages sufficient for workers to start and sustain families is needed. SWP candidates point out that fights against racist discrimination, Jew-hatred, attacks on immigrant workers and the second-class status of women are deeply in the interest of all workers and help unify and strengthen the labor movement.

They explain why breaking from the bosses’ twin parties, the Democrats and Republicans, is essential, and why workers need to build our own party, a labor party based on the unions.

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