Mine Workers union rally Oct. 14, 2015, Brookwood, Alabama, protests attacks on pensions, health care.

Join July 12th protest against pension cuts!

Join Mine Workers, Teamsters in Columbus

On July 12 thousands of union coal miners, teamsters, bakery workers, musicians and other workers from across the Midwest and beyond will rally in Columbus, Ohio, demanding the government take steps to maintain pensions of tens of thousands of retired…

Build fight to win amnesty for immigrants across the US

NEW YORK — Opposition by working people to recent factory raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement shows that the fight to win amnesty for 11 million undocumented workers in the U.S. can gain broader support than ever. It’s a demand…


The class-struggle road for workers to win political power

Truckers sign up by the hundreds for Teamsters union during over-the-road organizing campaign, June 1937. “As significant forces are set into motion,” writes Socialist Workers Party and union leader Farrell Dobbs, “increasingly sharp clashes with the bosses result, during which the workers begin to shed class-collaborationist illusions and acquire class-struggle concepts.”

Below is an excerpt from the “Afterword” to the new, enhanced edition of  Teamster Bureaucracy, the last of four books by Farrell Dobbs on how Socialist Workers Party members and other militant workers engaged in a series of strike battles…

Socialist Workers Party leadership sets course ahead

Adopts course to build union solidarity • defend constitutional freedoms • fight for wages, hours, job conditions that prevent families in working class from being torn apart • defend Cuba’s socialist revolution and its example in the U.S. and world over
International Educational Conference in Oberlin, Ohio, June 8-10, brought together over 330 people for reports, discussion on communist program, continuity and activities. Right, SWP literature table during conference.
OBERLIN, Ohio — “The sweeping indictment of Donald Trump under the Espionage Act by President Joseph…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.