Support fight to win a union at Amazon in Alabama!

BESSEMER, Ala. — The drive by hundreds of workers at the large Amazon warehouse and distribution center here to bring in the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union to represent them is going strong. They face a concerted effort by…

Unions call general strike against coup in Myanmar

‘We will never be slaves to a military junta’
March 10 protest in Katha, farm town of 27,000 on border of Kachin and Shan ethnic regions, part of Myanmar-wide strikes and protests demanding end to military junta’s seizure of power.

Working people in Myanmar began a general strike across the country March 8, seeking to topple the military junta that seized power Feb. 1. The strike comes alongside massive protests, in spite of more deadly repression by the regime. “We…

Help SWP get on NJ ballot: ‘Give workers their own voice’

Joanne Kuniansky, above, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New Jersey governor, and running mate Candace Wagner, inset, address March 6 campaign rally in Union City.

UNION CITY, N.J. — Over two dozen supporters of the Socialist Workers Party campaigns of Joanne Kuniansky and Candace Wagner, for New Jersey governor and lieutenant governor, began a spirited six-week effort March 6 to place the party’s ticket on…


Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Statement by Joanne Kuniansky, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New Jersey governor, March 8. The fight for women’s emancipation is in the interest of all working people and is key to unifying the working class in the face of capitalist…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.