October 22, 2018

Their morals and ours

Thank you for the story, “Bosses Refuse Help from Locked-Out Unionists in Mass. Gas Explosions,” in the Oct. 8 issue. This is an example of why capitalists have no moral right to rule society.

In 2012, when Hurricane Sandy left thousands without power around the New York City area — some for many, many months — I was an electrician apprentice in upstate New York. There were thousands of unemployed electricians around the Northeast. The workers with the skills to do the work were available.

But under capitalism, there was only the mad scramble by electrical contractor employers to make big money off the devastation. Doing what was needed to be done to help those people rebuild their lives was not the first thought.

Ray Parsons, IBEW Local 236
Albany, New York

Great information

Please continue my subscription for six months. I love the Militantnewspaper because it gives me great information and news. Thank you so much for making this great information available.

A prisoner

Housing and homelessness

An encampment of nearly 300 people, mainly Native Americans, has grown along a busy highway in Minneapolis. The mayor and police chief announced they will not close the camp and claim they are finding housing and health care. But so far only five people have been placed in housing. Two people have died — one from asthma and one who overdosed.

None of the capitalist candidates have visited the workers and the social agencies are doing nothing. The Socialist Workers Party advocates a massive jobs program, nationalization of housing and health care available to all.

Helen Meyers
Minneapolis, Minnesota