Every ‘Militant’ issue from 1928 to today is online!

By Curt Johnson
June 10, 2019

Every issue of the Militant — from its founding in 1928 to today — is now available online, nearly 4,400 issues of the paper. Workers anywhere in the world can access and study the living history of their class, published as it happened. This material can be downloaded for use in preparing talks at public forums and in socialist campaigning door to door in working-class areas, drawing on the lessons of these battles for today’s fighters.

Over decades the Militant has covered the struggles of working people and key turning points in class politics: the spread of the Bolshevik program that led the Russian Revolution to the labor upsurge of the 1930s and the rise of fascism in Germany; the counterrevolution led by Joseph Stalin and the growing bureaucracy around him in the Soviet Union; the horrors wreaked on working people worldwide in the second imperialist world slaughter; the mass social movement to overthrow Jim Crow segregation in the U.S.; the rise of anti-colonial rebellions in Algeria, Congo, China, and Vietnam, culminating in the Cuban Revolution — an example for working people everywhere; as well as the advances and defeats of revolutions from Nicaragua and Grenada to Iran and Burkina Faso. 

All of this, and the working-class struggles and political debates through today, fill the pages of the Militant.

 For over 90 years the Militant has been a “newsweekly published in the interests of working people,” as its masthead says, and a voice for the oppressed and exploited that has consistently pointed the working-class road forward. In addition, every issue of the Militant’s sister publications are now online. This includes Perspectiva Mundial, a Spanish-language news magazine published from 1977 to 2005; Intercontinental Press; and the theoretical journal New International, along with its predecessors going back to 1934, including Fourth International and International Socialist Review.

You can use the “Search” and “Related Publications” buttons on the themilitant.com website to view all of these periodicals by date, or go directly to searchable indexes for the Militant, as well as New International and Intercontinental Press. The indexes for Perspectiva Mundial are located on the archive’s yearly pages.

Over the last eight years more than 100 supporters of the Socialist Workers Party have worked to make the Militant and other publications of the party available online. They used document scanners, archives from the paper, and up-to-date processing software to transform every issue into readable and searchable files that would be small enough for readers anywhere in the world to download, whatever their internet connectivity. 

Volunteers also maintain the Militant’s ongoing index. This searchable index currently goes back to 1955, but eventually will go all the way back to the first issue in 1928.